Turf is our passion.

Our family enterprise, RICHTER RASEN, based in lower Austria´s district of Baden was founded in 1906. What began as an Austrian pioneer venture, has since flourished into one of Europe‘s leading producers of natural turf and today is already well into its 5th generation. Cultivated on 300 Hectares in Austria and Slovakia, we are internationally renowned of producing only the highest available quality of natural turf.

Globally recognized as a loyal advocate, of international turf research, as well as an active supporter of universities and research establishments worldwide, our primary business objective lies in supplying our customers with nothing less than the perfect lawn of their desire. Alexander J. Richter is a board member of the International Turfgrass Society as well as a founding member of the European Turfgrass Society. Since the company‘s founding in 1906, we have additionally been home to the first Austrian turf grass school, in which all globally, available types of grasses are tested and optimised, for their respective domain.

Next to standard housing gardens, parkways and playgrounds, we furthermore equip modern football stadiums and golfing ranges, with naturally grown lawn turf, in Europe and across the globe.

The worlds top soccer players, compete on lawns „MADE IN AUSTRIA“

Installed in many of Europes most famous stadiums, RICHTER RASEN lawns have often provided the historic battle ground, for epic and career defining engagements, held between the worlds most renowned soccer players. Aside from the Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna, such stadiums include the Giuseppe-Meazza-Stadion in Milan (AC Milan and Inter Milan), the Stadio delle Alpi in Turin as well as the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid (Real Madrid).

Our list of satisfied customers also entails no lesser organisation than the UEFA, who chose to rely on our lawns for the UEFA EURO Championships of 2012. During the course of this tournament, we supplied three stadiums with our sports turf including that of the final game in Kiev. Additionally, the UEFA Champions League, final game in Moskau was also carried out on RICHTER RASEN.

Hightech-product sports turf

Our name-branded turf, RICHTER STADIUM TURF Richter Stadion Rasen® was especially designed to meet the requirements of soccer pitches. The dense structure and tear resistance of each individual grass, enables these lawns to resist very high degrees of pressure. Aside from the exceptional soil and local climate of the Pannonian Basin, these exceptinal traits are also greatly due to the passionate care of our staff.